Remembering our Veterans

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Once again, Veteran’s Day finds our nation in conflict, with men and women engaged the perilous task of defending and protecting those in need of their help.   In Zanesville, which was once the capital of Ohio, from 1812-1818, in the center of town, they have established a park to commemorate those who have fought valiantly and those who have died in sacrifice to our nation.

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Of the many memorials I have seen, I found this one to be particularly poignant and very well executed.  The GI’s exemplify both strength and the weight of the burden placed upon them; particularly moving to me, is the extended arm, from man to another, which appears to be offering help or encouragement and the nearby stack of empty helmets, representing the soldiers who have been lost.

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“Victory in Europe 1945-1995,  A 50 year commemoration dedicated May 8, 1995, in honor of all World War II veterans of Muskingum County”

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I hope you will take a few minutes out of your day, and stop to remember our veterans, both those whom have given the ultimate sacrifice and those who continue to stand the line. May God bless them, their families, and America.

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