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In oh so many ways, I am my Mother’s daughter. I was going through some of my Mother’s books, and I ran across this booklet, that I remember her using to teach various people Spanish, since I was a child.

I soon decided that I should share this book in The Dialogue; ten to twelve pages later, as I scanned the booklet, I had to laugh – I am actually doing what I saw my Mother do, all of my life – she copied her material by hand, I am using my printer, but to the same end, copying a book to share with others.

My Mother treasured good material, either to enrich herself or to teach others. I do not know how this book came into her hands, but I know that she held on to it for over fifty years. This book was published in November of 1965.
If you are looking to learn Spanish or teach Spanish, take a look!



Inside the front cover — I get so happy when I see her name written in her books



Instructions on how to make the flash cards



Instructions on how to use the flash cards



Page 1



Page 2



Page 3



Page 4



Page 5



Page 6



Page 7



Page 8



Page 9



Page 10



Page 11



Page 12



Page 13



Page 14



Page 15



Page 16



Page 17



Page 18



Page 19



Page 20



Page 21



Page 22



Page 23



Page 24



Page 25



Page 26



Page 27



The back

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