Poet’s Corner

Daddy and Dino


I have nothing to say,
except that I really like the picture.

I am not sure why.
I know it is him,
but also,
I kind of wish I were her.

He reminds me of him.
He always did.

I miss him
I miss what we had
I miss what we did not have
I miss that we did not have enough time.

I wish I would have had him at least ten more years,
when I could have been grown up and sophisticated,
and not little and hurt.
(I so dislike that word.)

Maybe nothing would have changed
but maybe we would have had more happy road trips.

“I would like to see him,” I said casually
and without the slightest expectation
of it being possible.

But he had his moments
when nothing was impossible
in his world.


He said,
and off we went.
I miss him.

I would like to be in that picture;
but mostly,
I would like him to be with me.


~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

Rest in Peace Daddy – February 1, 1929 – April 1, 1986


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