A View From the Road

To Go, Otherwise Known as Eating In



I do not know how this moment could be more perfect! California owns “car culture” in my humble opinion. There are few other places, in this great nation, that provide a more inviting drive than California. The state’s highways and byways really do inspire you to get in your car, turn on the music, roll down the windows and see where the road takes you!

Of course, while on the road, inevitably you will get hungry, and no one knows how to feed you, in your car, better than In-N-Out.



If you are eating in your car, they provide you with a placemat! Do you see the very cool car graphic on the ticket?

Also, look how they not only cut your burger in half, upon request, but individually wrap each side!

Of course none of this would matter, if the food were not delicious, which it is; I so wish they would spread their wings to the east.



Do you see the line? Brilliantly, they send someone out to take your order.

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