Is Energy a Profitable Market?


One of the many questions plaguing the Energy and Utilities Industry is the development of bi-directional energy; the notion that if you and I, as consumers, have, for example, solar panels in our home, which produce more energy than we use, under what conditions do we sell it back to our primary energy source provider?

We all know that we cannot stay Connected without power, as technology advances, becoming more mobile and more independently accessible, the role of legacy suppliers in this dance of power, is being redefined; and the outcome of this process matters to each of us as consumers.

While the in-depth chess game between the supply and demand, of energy, may not necessarily be your first choice for bed-side reading, I would be remiss if I at least did not remind you that like so many things, which we think are not in our realm or concern or even interest, energy and how it is delivered do concern us all.

Below is an overview of energy transformation in the current market, which will help to start to fill in the bigger picture on our Connected future.



Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3

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