Today is World Password Day!

What does that mean to you?


World Password Day is meant as a reminder for everyone to change your password and think about your digital identity. Do you have the same password for your bank accounts, shopping sites and social media? If you do, stop that behavior today!

It is important to not only change your password, but think about two-factor authentication, offered by many reputable sites. Two-factor authentication requires an additional code to be entered when entering a site. The definition of two-factor authentication includes confirming a user’s identity by a second factor; something they have or something they are.

Traditional identity management uses something you know, something you have and something you are. Entering your email, something you have, and your password something you know. Two-factor authentication, 2FA, can require that a one time password be sent to your phone or email and then require you to put the code in a box.

So as we remember World Password Day, remember to change your password often, and have different passwords for different sites.

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