Game Night Cake

“A Party without cake is just a meeting.”

~ Julia Child~

Cake matters! In the television show Friends, when one of the characters, Monica, meets her infant nephew, she promises him that she will always have gum. I share my great appreciation for that show with my niece, Beth, whose children happen to love fruits and vegetables, like no one I have ever seen, and cake! Thus I told them, when they were at my house, that I would always have cake, my homage, to Friends, and our mutual appreciation for cake.

(I must add that once they came over for brunch, and as I made pancakes, I did not think they would want real cake, I was wrong, and we ended up making a cake together, which I must confess was more fun than making cake without them, but lesson learned.)

We were invited to a family game night, at their home, and I of course insisted on bringing cake. I wanted to make a theme cake, and thus off to the Dollar Store I went, where I bought this checker set, for a dollar, and used it to create a perfect game night cake – well perfect in that it was fun and well received; I am certain your skill at icing can create a much smoother version.

I covered a cake board with the plastic checker board.

Because there are both vanilla and chocolate lovers, I used both cakes.

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