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I love food and cooking and entertaining and sharing my love of food, cooking and entertaining. I have often said that I relate everything to food; and time and again it proves to be true. There is little which matches the joy of preparing a meal for those we love, except sitting down to share it with them.

For many years now, I have shared my love of cooking with Patty. Though her life is incredibly busy and demanding, she will periodically send me a picture of her creations, which truly brings me delight.

On my travels, I love going to markets and grocery stores and trying things which are new to me and unavailable at home. When I find something that I like, Patty is one of the people I try to share it with; like my recent find of garlic chips – she is also the only one who seems to have enjoyed them as much as I do.

I have wanted to share the wonder of Badia Ground Bay Leaves with her for a bit, as I was cooking lunch, I thought I will make this a column, because you too may be wondering about such things!

This column will be updated on occasion, with products which I think you might enjoy. As with everything else on these pages, there are no monetary incentives attached to the information I am sharing; these are just products I like and think you may as well.

If there is something which you enjoy in your kitchen, by all means let me know; I will try the product and pass on the information to Patty and all Connoisseurs of Great Food!

I thought I would begin this column with a gift from Nancy! Williams-Sonoma’s Chocolate Croissants, pictured above, were sent to us from our Dear Friend Nancy, who has exquisite taste in everything. I of course love croissants, and chocolate croissants are a true decadent indulgence.

I have never attempted to make a croissant; something about all of the folding and counting scares me, but they are delicious and it is hard to find croissants that live up to the expectations, these will not disappoint. The directions to bake them at home, on demand, are easy and deliver the kind of results you expect.

Yes, they are expensive, but there are moments when we all splurge, thank you again Nancy!

Garlic Chips

As I have previously shared with you, it was the woman at the Welcome Center, in Gilroy, California, which first told us about these garlic chips. She said that one of the women who worked there, used them as croutons; they do work wonderfully well in salads. But I have enjoyed them as a snack, almost as if I were eating nuts. They are delicious; again, a little expensive, but not something for everyday use, like the affordable ground bay leaves!

Ground Bay Leaves

I love bay leaves! I especially like using fresh bay leaves, off of my tree; but the intensity of this product is outstanding! I found these on my own, looking through a spice rack in South Florida, they were only ninety-nine cents; I could not more highly recommend them. They have become a staple on the tray which sits on the counter, near the stove top. Where whole leaves need to be used in sauces or roast, allowing them time to release their aroma, the ground counterpart acts the same way as salt or pepper, instantly imparting their flavor to the food.


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