Free this Month

National Public Lands Day


Smithsonian Free Museum Day

I love September for many reasons, it is the start of a favorite time of year, and it is also the month when we are presented with two wonderful opportunities to explore for free – and you know how much I love free!

This year Free Museum Day falls on September 21nd, sponsored by the Smithsonian, and the Fee Free Park visit day, is the following weekend on  September 28nd; which means you can easily enjoy both offerings!

Please go to both websites, listed below, to plan your free activities; this is a great way to go to a museum or park that you have wanted to visit, but were either held back by the entrance fee or unsure if it is something you would actually enjoy.

For me, on more than one occasion, this free introduction to the museum or park has been responsible for a return visit, where admission was gladly paid.

If you want to expose your children to something new, but feel they may not have a long enough attention span, for some particular museum, with a hefty admission price, this is your chance to do it for the cost of parking and a peanut butter sandwich.

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