From the Editor

“El País Que No Existe

The Nation That No Longer Is”

It is hard to believe August is upon us, and we are still basically trapped in the same world of covid-19. 

This should be the month we are celebrating the height of summer; instead it so much feels like July and June felt, as well as May and even April. 

I have long since given up the idea of a summer in Florida, which was my consolation prize, after spring in Florida fell through.  Dare I hope for autumn? 

I am certainly missing my old life.  Last year, at this time, we were driving across country; enjoying the road, one of our most favorite activities. 

Now the road seems scary.   It is odd to feel afraid to go, we do going well.  But it is not the increase in crime and political instability, which is holding us back; rather it is wondering if those beloved rest stops have been properly sanitized.  I do not want to have to wonder about a foe we cannot see, without a microscope. 

But like many of you, the pandemic and its requirements, has stirred me to take care of some of those items on the “to do list”.  I still have a closet which cries out for help, and I do plan to get to it sooner than later; but my “biggest” pandemic accomplishment, has to be finishing a book, which I have been not so diligently, working on, since my father died. 

It is not the book I started thirty plus years ago, and it is not the book, which I thought I would write.  It has surprised me more than I could have imagined, and finishing it has been more difficult that perhaps it should have been. 

It is a story about what was, as well as about what no longer is, and a little bit about what could have been. 

For many reasons, and against very wise council about agent’s, publishers, and publicist, from my sister, Caroline, I am making it available to be read right now.

Caroline said many wonderful things, which all make sense, but I do not want this book to be edited or the title changed, just to make it more marketable. 

I have painstakingly selected the material covered; and likewise left out stories with the same due diligence. 

My hope is to honor my parents, who lived life on their own terms, and made an impact on their world.  Ultimately, this is their story, or at least a part of their story.

The older I get, the more grateful I am, for the faith my parents gave me; I am so glad I do not have to wonder, in this area.  When I was younger, I most appreciated that they gave me a desire and love for the road; a need to explore, learn, and see.  I have tried to pay homage to them, and their mutual love for a country, which is only in our dreams, though it still occupies a place on the UN roll call sheet.

I definitely believe that Sylvia and Marigold will enjoy the read; because you knew my parents.  Everyone else, I have no idea; but here it is!  This is what I finally finished during the pandemic of 2020; that is all for now. 

The link below will take you to Barnes and Nobel, where the electronic version of the book is available.


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