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The Train is in Motion

A year ago we were on the way to Florida.  We had been trying to time our trip around birthdays. I was upset about the fact that I would be late for Christine’s birthday, but was looking forward to celebrating Joy’s in Maine.  Though we were aware of covid in China; it had not yet impacted us to the point which it would.

On our drive to Florida, I got sick.  It is rare for me to ever feel ill enough to go to bed; but this time I did, I had no choice.  Being unwell meant that a lot of people we had hoped to see, we did not.

Though we were only able to spend a month in Florida; we got a lot done.  Both the yard and the house required some attention, we were able to see the girls to celebrate Christine’s birthday, and we finally made into the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora.  We had not had the “christening of the table” dinner party, and did not get to visit with our friends, as hoped, but I was okay with that because I knew we would be back in May.

We had made it to our favorite restaurant, and to the “ventanita” several times for Cuban coffee and pastries; though we did not get to go shopping or window shopping for any plants, one of my favorite activities in Florida or go out for Chinese at Fran’s beloved restaurant.

It had been a mixed trip.  There was so much that was not done, but I think I even left half and half in the refrigerator, because I was so sure we would quickly be back.

By the time we hit the road to come back to Maine, covid had become a topic of conversation and concern.  I invited my family over for dinner on March 8, just days after we got back to town.  I am so glad they came.

I could not imagine then what the year would turn into.  I remember my sister and me telling everyone else, about stocking up, just in case.  There were a few dismissive looks; but we had done our job of sounding the alarm; then began the not so slow decent into the madness which would come to be known as 2020.

I think we all have our horror stories for that year; I shall not go into mine.  But in assessing what became of 2020, the word which most stands out is change.  My world changed.

A lot has changed; mostly I have noticed relationships have changed.  Some have most definitely gotten stronger and deeper; others do not seem to have survived as well.

Perhaps, circumstance have only allowed us to see what being busy had hidden, but I think there may be more to it than that.  I believe our priorities have also been molded by the events around us.  I think maybe one or two of us are wondering if the cost of a relationship is worth the reward.  I have been surprised, not all good surprises, which I prefer always, but never-the-less, surprises have unfolded concerning people.  I feel like more than one person has let me know that I do not mean to them what I thought I did; again not always in a way I would have liked.

As things start to clear up a bit, there is some reassessing happening.  It is not an activity which I enjoy, but change has stepped onto the train, which is our life, and it will not sit quietly in the corner.

I see more changes in the future.  I have shed a few tears, but also known a few unexpected smiles.  Life is forever in motion, whether we want it to or not, it is in motion, and we can either go along for the ride, or get to know the conductor and have some say in our next stop.  That Is All For Now.

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