Autumn Has Arrived

Over the summer, while standing in line to check out of a national chain store, in California, I noticed they had a display of Halloween candy. It made me a bit sad; I was enjoying the summer and not ready to think of fall; I actually thought of saying something to the clerk, but was spared by the couple in front of me mentioning it was too early.

In places where the change of seasons does not bring a dramatic change of weather, I believe the holidays can be viewed a bit different, than where you know that arrival of autumn, by all means winter will soon be here, as well. Putting out decorations for autumn holidays and then the winter celebrations is fun, when it is just about changing the flag, in front of your house, or the knickknacks that sit on the table; but thinking about having enough wood for the winter, well that is a whole other story.

Yet, regardless of the cost, we still anticipate the change of seasons, especially this time of year. I have been thinking about why, and it took me about thirty seconds to land on the answer: besides all of the fun decorations and traditions, the holidays create a reason to celebrate.



This is the time of year where we can justify spending a little extra time and effort to interact with one another, because it is Thanksgiving and that is what we do, or the High Holy Days, or Christmas or New Years. We start making plans about who we will be able to see, and exactly how we bring the people we love, who are scattered around the world, closer to our table, or us to theirs. Those moments are worth all of the efforts and they bring a joy which after the wonder of spring and the pleasure of summer will make us once again think okay, autumn is arriving.

You cannot have read these pages without knowing that we have certainly had more than our fair share of less than ideal holidays, and I know we are not alone in having had those moments where you so wish you were living in a Hallmark Channel movie. However, we all have time still; vow this year to be part of the solution of sorrow, isolation, and depression, which impacts so many people in the approaching holiday season – let us work together to bring joy to one another, and truly celebrate what all of these holidays are supposed to be about – love!

I know this is a bit out there, but not only am I going to start decorating for fall, which begins today, but I am planning my menus as well, and you are welcome here!



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