In Nature

Scattered Shells



There is little In Nature that compares to a walk on the beach. Regardless of what ails you or where you need to be, if you find a patch of sand, sitting next to the sea, step away from your world and enter paradise.



If you happen to stroll along a normally deserted beach, it may be quite easy to find scattered shells, if not, go to the beach in the early morning or when the tide is receding to see what gifts the ocean has left behind.



Yes, I do pick-up shells, but not as many as I used to; I am now at a stage in life, where I feel that I have plenty and am willing to leave treasures behind for someone else to discover.



This beach was in California, and could not have been more ideal; she was bathed in perfect sunlight, with a warm breeze blowing, and crashing waves!



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