In Nature

First Snow

The first snow announces that winter has begun, regardless of what the calendar may say. There have been a few days of flurries this autumn, but this is our first snow of the season; and it has been a multiple day event.

My forest is covered in white fluffy snow, perfect for sledding, snow ball fights, and snow men!

The river is not yet frozen, but I do not think the ducks could find puddling room in the pond; it has gone to sleep until spring.

Changing seasons make one more aware of the passage of time; to everything there really is a season, and our days are appointed. It is good to anticipate blossoms of spring and the warmth of summer; but I do not want to let winter go by without living in this moment, as well.

I do not think a drink of water could be had today

Hard to imagine, but I predict at least one more bonfire this year.

A tree tall enough to stand under, it would offer shelter.

It looks so fragile; almost as if covered in ice, instead of snow.


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