In the Wild!

Cheese Curls and the Seagulls


We came upon this couple, at Nubble Lighthouse, in York, Maine, and absolutely had to stop to photograph their interaction with the seagulls – yes, I asked if I could photograph, and they kindly said yes.



Apparently, the majestic gull, shares human’s appreciation for the crunchy, cheesy snack; so much so that the gull is willing to eat out of people’s hands.



The couple told us that we did not have to buy the more expensive Cheetos, even though the gulls truly enjoyed them, apparently any generic brand will do!



I loved how much they were enjoying themselves — their joy was contagious; as it should be. Watching them was such a wonderful reminder of how little effort is truly required to find peace and a bit of happiness — even if just for a few moments.



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