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Recently, I realized that I have never shared pictures of any of my dogs, in the column, though there are a few in the That Is All For Now Family Photo Albums.   I am not sure why I have not, nor why I have decided to add them now; but I do know that I miss them all a great deal, and oddly, on occasion, I have found myself, picking up my phone, and scrolling through pictures of people that I miss, pleased they are so easily accessible, on this site.   Thus, this months post will mean little to most, but a few of us will be glad to see these very loved pets.
07-28-2016 08;39;01PM5

Charlie, when he first came to live with us in Lakewood, California, in 1991.

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM4
He had been abandoned at an elementary school, and our friends Peter, behind the counter, and Lisa, standing next to Kate, looking away from the camera, thought he might be a perfect fit, with us —
08-15-2016 10;45;22PM

which he was, thank God.  Lakewood, California

08-15-2016 10;45;22PM2

I loved him!

07-28-2016 08;39;01PM2

Charlie at my Aunt Helen’s house in Florida.

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM7

Kate and Charlie, taking a nap in Whittier, California.

08-15-2016 10;45;22PM4

Charlie in his coat

07-30-2016 02;07;22PM

Charlie and Binky

07-28-2016 11;04;56PM

Callaghan only weighed 35 pounds, when we found him — he soon grew!

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM5

 We had gone to pick Mother up in New Jersey, she is happily tucked away with Callaghan

07-28-2016 08;39;01PM3
Callaghan who we originally found in our garage, Whittier, but who took to the snow in Maine, like a natural.
08-15-2016 10;45;22PM3

He really did love the snow, and it did not bother him one bit.

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM3

Bob, Charlie, Kate, Callaghan, and Char — Lyman, Maine.

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM2

My Aunt Helen with Callaghan, hanging out in the kitchen.

07-28-2016 11;04;56PM2

For some reason, Kate decided to teach Callaghan how to climb the stairs.

07-28-2016 11;04;56PM4

Kate, in the snow, in Maine with Charlie and Callaghan

07-28-2016 11;04;56PM5

Kate and Callaghan and a bone!

08-13-2016 10;14;26PM - Copy

Callaghan and Charlie

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM

Kate holding Binky, our rabbit, with Charlie looking on, wanting to be picked up too, in Whittier, California.

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM6
Merry, who was with Kate and me for the longest and dearest.  Though a bad picture, this was what she looked like when Kate brought her home, in Lyman, Maine, from work.
07-30-2016 03;47;30PM
The day Merry, who was named Merry because she was always so cherry, came to live with us, and we knew she belonged, was when she walked over to Callaghan, scratched his hair a bit, and then rolled herself up, laying on top of him, and he let her stay.  Merry was the best dog ever; I think because Callaghan and Charlie both welcomed her and taught her the ropes.
turkey and mother 057 - Copy

Merry loved car rides.

turkey and mother 052

Well, actually Merry just loved to be with us, and was going wherever we were.

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Kate and Merry at the beach in Massachusetts

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Kate holding Merry in Virginia

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Honest to Pete, she was hot, and pushed the button to roll down the window, and get some fresh air.

maine1 149 - Copy

Merry hated this bag, but she did enjoy the places she was able to get into because of it.


Fran, who adored Merry, and took the absolute best care of her.

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM9

Merry at David and Roxanne’s — we always said that we went to visit people who welcomed us with our pets!

miami4 024 - Copy

I know, it could not look more silly, Merry with a treat; but it looks like a cigar.

07-28-2016 11;04;56PM3

Kate’s pet raccoon, Arnold

01-02-2013 03;28;37PM - Copy
Curly, the family dog when I was in high school – loved him – even as he got a bit old and perhaps not as darling as he once was.  My Mother is holding Beth, as she says hi to Curly.
07-28-2016 08;39;01PM6

Poor Curly, he always had a few health issues, but a good soul.

07-28-2016 10;35;25PM10

Beth, Joy, Caroline, and Curly

01-02-2013 01;57;06PM - Copy

Just for fun, my Mother and her dog, Schotzie with a picture of my Mother and Father imposed on the bottom.

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