In the Wild!


This is Mortimore; we call him Morti.   I am tempted to say he knows his name, but that is not true.  He does however, know that if he comes to the back door, at Kate’s office, she will get up and feed him.

Morti steps aside, not too far away, until Kate scatters some birdseed, on the ground.  He then comes right back to the area between the steps and birdfeeder, and begins to eat.

There are so many reason to appreciate Morti; he has become an outdoor pet or at the very least a steady visitor.  Morti was injured during the summer, and walked with a slight limp.  What we have noticed, with our flock of wild turkeys is that they tend to shun anyone who is unwell.

But Morti soon realized that Kate was willing to feed him, on demand.  He started showing up every morning, drawing closer and closer to the glass door, even going up on the steps.  Kate began to scatter food, on the ground, and not just when she was filling up the bird feeder, but any time Morti came around.

Morti started to heal, and eventually brought a friend for breakfast; soon the entire flock, which had abandoned him, began to come with him for breakfast or a midday snack.

But there was another added bonus to feeding Morti on the ground.  It was not long before all kinds of birds and other animals, joined him, as well.

I love when the turkey’s come for a bite to eat; especially this year.  I appreciate seeing life in the yard; and am glad they feel safe enough to drop in for a meal.

I know like Mortimore, most of us are having a challenging year; but may this year end for us, as it is for him.  His health has improved; he has made a friend, found a place to share a meal, and is being welcomed back to his flock.  I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!  God bless you!

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