Gardening Through Quarantine

(My first keiki {baby orchid} in Maine, and it bloomed!)

There is so much in our lives, which at the moment can feel frivolous; but I do not think gardening falls into that category.

I garden for many reasons, including because I enjoy the process of planting seeds or cuttings, and watching them grow; but I do not think I have ever enjoyed my container garden, as much as I am right now.

Perhaps with so much hope having been wrangled away from us, and with so many uncertainties, tangible elements are more appreciated.  I am so happy the figs are growing!

I have no idea if we are heading to a world where we will need a “Victory Garden”; but I do know that I find a certain comfort in knowing that the potatoes I planted are growing.


This is what I planted, on April 28, 2020, two potatoes, from the kitchen, that I let start to sprout roots; the picture above is what it became!

One of my biggest thrills this year has been this pot of begonias! As you know, I have a brown thumb with begonias, but this pot of flowers sprung up on its own. I had previously had a begonia plant in this pot, it completely died down, and I put a crocus bulb in the pot, and this is what sprouted!

One of the things I am being very careful about this year, is not pulling any weeds, until I am positive it is a weed. I have done my fair share of spreading seeds, around in pots, so I want to make sure I do not pull something unintentionally, which I actually want.

My tomatillos, planted from seed, have sprouted, I really hope they grow.  Strawberry’s and tomatoes, both plants are from last year, are not only blooming, but have already started to produce an edible crop!  

This onion, which has gone to seed, was the bottom of a green onion, purchased at the grocery store, which I put in the pot!

Gardening gives you hope!

Meyer Lemons

Look at that mint; also left over from last year!


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