Not So Fast


I tend to wait a rather long time before giving up on a plant, even a weed.  I often think a plant in distress is just going through a rough period, and will get better, or at least might get better.  That might is usually enough of an incentive to make me give it a second chance.

I also spread a lot of seeds around, and thus am not always sure if what is popping up is a plant or a weed; and I think it is better to wait and see.

For several weeks I had been keeping an eye on this bromeliad, but had finally reached the point where I thought it is time to pull up what is left of the plant.

Just as I walked over to its planter, determined to say good-by; I spotted this pup!  Yes, that little spike is a bromeliad baby.  Usually, after the mother plant flowers, it shoots up a pup; which feeds off of the mother plant, and should not be removed until she is about a third of the mother plants size. Be still my heart!  New life is growing!




(This is a different bromeliad. It bloomed in the beginning of September, and put out two pups in December.  It is still in bloom, though not as vibrant as it was in September.)

The indoor garden has had few challenges to overcome this year.  Pest came in this past summer, when I had taken some of the plants outside to bathe in the sun; we also had an issue with our heating unit in that room, and there was a bit of soul searching regarding the garden and its impact on our lives that took place.

But at the end of day, my indoor garden brings me joy, and is worth the work and even the heartache of seeing something truly die.  However, I am so pleased that this bromeliad leaves behind a pup, even if the mother plant did not flower or survive.

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