Broken Beauty

Can there be beauty in brokenness? I believe there can be and is; and I also believe that beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder.

When I bought this orchid, the stem was not bent; though a bent stem would not have been enough of an issue to disqualify the purchase. However, while transporting her home, the stem bent, before any of the flowers had opened.

I do not like to buy orchids in bloom, as I want to enjoy their blossoms, for as long as possible, once they come home. As I brought this plant into the kitchen, to study its wounds and to decide where it should live, I seriously contemplated what I should do about the stem. Would the weight of the bent stem unnecessarily stress the plant? Should I try to tape it or prop it up with a stake? Do I just take a deep breath and prune away what I believe is a stem that will never flower?

Other than the bud nearest the base, I was certain the rest of the stem would not open up; but I was wrong. How nice to be wrong!

I decided to do nothing, but to speak to my new plant and welcome her to her new home (yes, I do speak to my plants, just like I used to speak to my pets).

When the last bud opened, I was not surprised; but pleased. However, I did not expect the rest of the spike to bloom as well, but it did!

Do not despair if you find yourself with a broken promise of beauty; have faith my friend; you too may find yourself pleasantly surprised!

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