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I am not entirely certain
at the moment
anyone has anything to say
at least
not something
worth stopping
to listening to
I have turned the volume down
on the world at large
muted all the senseless clatter
in favor of moving forward
instead of standing still
I do not want to continue to be
restrained by the worthless banter
that seeks only to destroy us
through this immobilization
of our body
and soul
I do not want to live out
the rest of my days
permanently attached
to a piece of technology
that seeks to control
my every thought and feeling
I do not care
what they have to say
I do not want someone or something else
to tell me what I should feel or believe
or for that matter
where I should go
and what I should do
I am tired of their attempts
to control me
but it is more than that
I just do not believe them anymore
I am fine
just as I am
in my world
it is time for recess
would you like to play with me
I will let you go first

~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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