Poet’s Corner

It Cannot All Be Relative, Can It

Is there any point
In seeking perfect order
In life or love
Should we simply embrace the chaos
Preached by those with the loudest voices
And pretend to be at peace
Do we go with the proclaimed flow
Even if it appears stagnant
In our sight
I think it might be easier
To surrender to the masses
Rather than stand alone
Pleading for a vision
Which only you can see
Feels rather hopeless
But how do you learn to navigate
In a world without a compass rose
And a sliding scale of truth
Can everything in life be relative
And anything in life still matter
I feel too tossed and turned
I want to belong in your happy world
But the price seems too high to pay
My soul for acceptance
Your path is unclear to me
So I cannot join your journey
But I do wish well
~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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