Poet’s Corner

Family Values

As a child
I was never read fairy tales
Or Little Golden Books

The stories I heard
Were mostly illustrated with flannelgraphs
In Sunday school classrooms
And to this day
I believe every word to be true

Despite that belief
I keep expecting something other than Cain and Able
I do not know

Contrary to what the propagandist preach
What the family actually values
Is not what one might think they should

Was Jacob and Esau
A divinely ordained conflict
Or simply a foretelling of what would be

Joseph did not willing go into slavery in Egypt
Though how fortunate for his brothers
That he survived and overcame their evil hearts

I suppose Moses, Aaron, and Miriam worked out well
As family values go
But that story does begin with baby Moses being set adrift

So here we go again
With less than stellar family values
Or maybe that is the problem
These are what the family values
Thus accurately illustrated by the Bible
As God knows humanity’s heart all too well

~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda~

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