Poet’s Corner




Change pounds on the door
Welcomed or not
She will not be ignored
The only true constant
In life
Is change
She will rush over you
With overpowering force and determination
Knocking you to the ground
Leaving you broken and baffled
Unless you decide to surrender
To the unrelenting truth
That change is inevitable
And even if embraced cautiously
With apprehension
One must step forward
Into this reality
That nothing remains the same
There are those of us that grieve change
Thinking of the loss it can represent
But we must also embrace
The gift of a new person or perspective
The road change insists on
Is rarely smooth
But if we can find a way
To enjoy her journey
As we head toward her
Designated destination
For our life
We may find we are able
To answer the door
When she knocks
With anticipation
Instead of fear

~ Cristina Jill Moqueda ~

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