Poet’s Corner

Perfection – the Last Act of Rebellion

She knew it was an act of rebellion,
she finished setting the table
and stepped back to take a look;
the linens, china, silver, crystal
and even the flowers
were all perfect,
exactly as she had envisioned it;
though she knew that she was all but
alone in her appreciation
for what lay in front of her.

The calls had begun almost instantaneous and
had been constant and consistent,
do not fuss she had been told
paper plates are so much easier,
and paper towels are fine
there is no need for glassware
or even silverware
paper and plastic will suffice
they declared
in a unanimous voice.

they are all correct,
she thought,
as she walked around the table,
taking note of her handy work,
which would not be well received;
but then the whimsy of the centerpiece
suddenly caught her eye and
brought a smile to her face.

No she thought,
it is perfect,
just as it is,
regardless of what they will think;
the rebel homemaker
had struck again!

Dinner would be in courses,
the background music
would be soft and unobtrusive
coffee and desert
would be come at the end of the meal
and then everyone would leave the table
having dined
not just eaten.

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