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It Is Not the Same

It is not the same
The house already feels different
Though you have just departed
The telltale signs of your visit are all around us
The memories will linger on
Past the New Year
And well into the future
The photographs will serve as windows
To joyfully allow us to look back
We will remember this time together
And the new stories
Will be added to our stories
Of yesteryear
I know love is built in layers
And we have all simply added to our story
I do know
I know too that the real world
Issues a resounding call
Which cannot be ignored
Today there were no good morning kisses
As we wondered into the kitchen
Looking for coffee and tea
The food did not taste as pleasant
Without all of you to savor it with
And if truth be told
The conversation was a bit muted
I know we will all go forth
To break bread with others
And with each other again
But that is in the future
The theater and museums
And brightly lit attractions will still
Feed our souls in our other lives
Even the thrill of sledding down
A snow covered hill
Will still be enjoyed again
But somehow
At least for this moment in time
It is not the same
~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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