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Happy Thoughts

I miss being okay.
Do you remember
when we were okay?
One moment we were fine,
I would not say we were outstanding
or even content really,
but we were all okay,
yes, at the very least
we were okay;
now suddenly
none of us are even okay.

The world no longer makes sense,
and I am having trouble
understanding what happened.
When exactly was our life
turned upside down,
and who decided
we could no longer be okay?

I want to think happy thoughts.
Do you have any happy thoughts?
Mine seem to have slipped away,
lost in the muck and mire
which has become our life,
of late.

I still do not understand
what happened to us having
dreams and desires.
We used to be allowed to want more,
It is not just that a new car
or bigger house have become taboo
but birthday parties and backyard barbeques
are no longer acceptable
and I do not understand why?

We are not supposed
to want peace or beauty;
order and safe
are now bad words.
Do you know why?
I do not.
This feels like chaos,
and I do not like it;
It scares me,
I do not want to be frightened.

I just want to be okay,
and I want you to be okay,
as well.
Do you know where
I can find happy thoughts?

~Cristina Jill Mosqueda~

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