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His Love Song

NYlibertypark 093 - Copy

Driving down the busy street,

entertained by my to do list,

I flip the radio on,

and for the first time,

I hear his lyrics.

I turn the radio up a bit,

And close the windows,

blocking any outside distraction;

he has my undivided attention.

His words sweep over me;

I listen even more intently

to the second verse,

and wait for the refrain.

The melody makes me smile,

and though I sit strapped

behind the wheel,

I begin dancing to his tune.

As the last stanza plays,

I surrender to his words,

which wipe away any memory,

of there ever having been pain

or sorrow between us.

The possibility of hope,

suddenly abounds,

despair and heartache

cannot be part of our story;

we are in a love song!

The music too quickly ends;

I turn the radio off,

as the light turns red,

and the traffic stops.

I need more,

I want to hear it again,

you must listen to his words;

they will speak for us both,

I am certain.

I plan to share his words with you,

but I am too late;

she has already posted it,

and it is she

you think remarkable.

I hear the honking horns,

through the closed windows,

as the green light glares at me,

illuminating what I had not

wanted to see.

His words did speak

to you and me,

but not to us –

I think my to do list may have changed.

~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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