Poet’s Cornor

I Do not want to Forget to be Thankful


do you forget to be thankful

I know

it happens


I am certain

but somehow

thankful gets overwhelmed

by sorrow

or desire

or even need

real or imagined

is inconsequential

when overlooking thankfulness


our focus changes

instead of seeing our blessings

we only feel our heartache

concluding there is nothing to be thankful for

regardless of the truth

we would rather

turn our back on our bounty


we look at the person holding our hand

and say you are not enough to be thankful for

as I am longing for someone else


real or imagined

is inconsequential


we go to break bread

unsatisfied at our offerings

wondering instead

what our neighbor will sit down to eat

and with whom


real or imagined

is inconsequential


as the wind howls

and the snow falls

we do not think thankfully about the shelter

that keeps us from bedding down outside

instead we focus on how this is not our dream home

and the wish list to make our accommodations ideal


real or imagined

is inconsequential


I do not want to forget to be thankful

and not just one day a year

the loss and burdens and anguish

that weighs on our soul

are not imagined

but neither our the blessings

gratitude is consequential

a thankful heart will fill the emptiness

real or imagined


~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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