Public Square

The Globe
“The Daily News Building”



It was raining, we were staying next door, on 42nd Street, and I was on a mission to find a View From the Road, which I never located; but this moment is why I love the road. I was drawn to the exterior of the building, and chilly enough to be brave. I stepped inside the lobby, and oh my, I was so glad that I did.



The Art Deco building was designed by Raymond Hood and John Mead Howells; and once served as the headquarters for the New York Daily News as a the fictional Daily Planet, where Superman worked.

I did not explore the building; I was not that brave, but also because I became quite enchanted with the giant globe that sat in the lobby.

There is a display along one side of the lobby that covers some of the building’s history, including the fact that the first independent television station, WPIX began broadcasting from this building in 1948, which was home to the Yule Log, on Christmas Eve. Is there anyone out there who remembers having seen that burning log?

It truly is a beautiful building and that lobby is breathtaking. I love that once upon a time, people added elements, like 4000 pound globes, to construction projects, just for the sake of awe and inspiration.



There is a giant Compas Rose, surrounding the Globe.


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