The Dialogue

One of Her Bible’s

I have written, in the past, about how my Mother passed out her treasures, while her children could make use of them. The pieces that I own, which were my Mothers are honestly too treasured by me to be used, things like serving dishes and a cream and sugar set, which had been given to Caroline, who in turn passed it on to me.

There were other things, like a hand bag, which I bought my Mother, that she valued, which she told me I would inherit them after her death. One of those things was a Full Life Study Bible, which now lives on a shelf in my bedroom.

I love this Bible, because she loved it. But I will never forget the first time I looked through it, after she was gone. She had not filled out any of the other pages, where you list Marriages, Births, or Special Events, but she had put her name, in last space, under Deaths.

(My Mother always had such beautiful penmanship, she noticed when it changed.)

What is odd about this Bible, compared to her other Bibles, is the lack of notations and underlined passages.

dToday, as I try to put in order, the stack of papers, which was knocked to the floor, that contain my research, on my parents life, I came across the Thank You note, my Mother sent me when she receive this Bible. The note is not dated. I thought, no issue, I will go get the Bible, which I had sent to her, from the publisher; perhaps she might have dated the Bible, she did not; my Mother did not like history.

The bookmark in this Bible.

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