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I Should Save This for Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Bible was sitting by my bedside; I had used it to compare a scripture in my own Bible, which is a different version. I have gone through her Bible a lot; but as I picked it up to put it away, I decided to look in one of the pockets, of its protective carrying case.

I found this track in it: “The Baptisms in the Holy Spirit, According To God’s Word, What it is and Why You Need it.” It immediately brought a smile to my face, and then a very warm feeling.

I do not think there was any element about my Mother’s faith more central than the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

My next thought, as I picked up the track, was how had she acquired this track. Her finances were always very limited, but when possible, she would spend her money advancing the Gospel, nevertheless the historian in me wondered about where it had come from.

I turned it around, and my smile grew much bigger; it was stamped from Patmos, the church my sister, Joy, pastored in Whittier, California. Thus, why I considered saving this post for Mother’s Day, as a gift to Joy.

But my moment with the track continued, it was from Ohio, where so many of us were born; and it was published in 1972 – many years before Patmos was birthed. Did that mean that Mother stamped Patmos on old tracks she had in her possession or was the 1972 just the copyright of the track? I know, probably no one cares about this, but maybe Joy and me.

I love these little tangible pieces of my Mother, which I have; but I also love having a document which she doctrinally approved of, about the central tenets of our faith.






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