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How Can I Say Thank You Marigold?



This week, my Uncle Gary, suggested that I should become friends with Marigold. It was a fine suggestion, but thankfully Marigold is already in my life.  I inherited the privilege of her friendship, through my Mother.

A few days ago, I received a private message, on social media from Marigold, who has rightfully been mentioned on more than one occasion, on these pages (just a few of the links below). Marigold wrote to verify my address, and to let me know that she was putting a letter in the mail – the letter arrived today!

Marigold had found two letters from my Mother, one written on a card, and a photograph, that she did not mention.

Last year, when I had seen Marigold, I asked her if she had any old letters or tapes of my Mother, she graciously said she would look around and let me know; it is a request I have made of many people that knew my parents.

(I would still absolutely love to acquire a cassette of my Father preaching – just in case anyone out there might possibly have an old tape.)

This week, I have checked the mail judiciously, telling myself not to be too excited, though waiting with bated breath. Today, Kate called out, as if I had the Publishers Clearing House, “Marigold’s letter is here!” – Oh my.

We put the letter on the dining room table, and circled it a bit; I am one of those people who often enjoys the wrapped packages as much as their contents. Finally, I could wait no more, and gingerly opened her letter.

The first thing that I removed from the envelope was the above picture. I had never seen this photograph before, I turned it over, and it actually got better!  My Mother had written on the picture.



There is now a new treasure trove of information in my hands, including an address in Union City, that I am going to have to check out – on the last Sunday of the month, my family in New England, comes to my house for what we affectionately call our “Blue Bloods Dinner.” As it happens, that the last Sunday this month, is just a few days away; I know they are going to be as excited to touch and read these letters as I am, but here is a preview.

Marigold, you continually surprise and bless me with your love. I am so grateful for your kindness; I thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray that every ounce of love you have extended toward me is repaid a thousand fold your way.  Thank you.



The Envelope from 1954



The Front of Letter from 1954



The Back of Letter from 1954



The Envelope from 1957


The Front of the Card from 1957



The Inside of the Card from 1957



The Back of the Card from 1957


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