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Happy New Year



There are very few things that my Mother managed to hold on to, in her life, for more than fifty years; thus this post card is of special intrigue to me and perhaps you.

I imagine that the reason my Mother kept the card was because of the vista, on the front. Whenever my Mother would see similar images, she would reminisce about Cuba and more specifically, Trinidad, the place she and my Father honeymooned.

I do not know the woman who sent my Mother the card; I share it now with you because it is not a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year card, but rather a wish for fortunate and happy New Year – I like that quite a lot!


“Un Venturoso y feliz Año Nuevo”

“A good new year 195 _ Have your very nice letter. Hope your mother is well now. Glad to hear from you whenever you have time to write.
Let’s talk about your Cuban vacation later – unless something comes up, there is no reason why you can’t be my guest in every way –
Hope to hear from you.

Dorothy Casablanca

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