The End Will Lead To Once Upon a Time

you can see that you are almost done

the pages yet to be turned are dwindling away

and soon it will be finished

but you are not ready

for the feast to end

regardless of how well you have eaten

you want more

more than those last few pages can satisfy

so you step away

wonder around it

set it aside

even pretend to be disinterested

but it calls you back

you must pick it up again

though that act

inevitably leads to it being over

you know that there is no sequel

once those last few pages are consumed

this feast will be over


you can no longer stay away

eagerly you pick it up

find your bookmark

and let go



you devour every word

and spend more time than needed

savoring the last few paragraphs

perhaps rereading the final words again

even flipping back through the pages

lingering a minute or two on your underlined passages

this journey is over

you may talk about it

suggest it to someone else

or even write a few words regarding their words

but you know it is over


so be it

you will push another aside

on the overcrowded shelves

and make room for it

in its new home


one day you may let someone else take it with them

but more and more that becomes highly unlikely

it is now a part of you

and pieces of us are harder to let go of

as we feel the march of time beating on

euphoria and sorrow mix together

with the end

but you do feel time marching on

thus you wonder over

to the unread stack

they all call your name

a new journey begins

~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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