A Loss


Mary Tyler Moore

“You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.”

~ Mary Tyler Moore ~

When I went to Minneapolis, I had one goal; I wanted to see this sculpture of Mary Tyler Moore!

Today, we have sadly learned that Ms. Moore passed away, at 80. I am certain those who knew her, will eulogize her appropriately, I can of course not speak to who she was, as a person, and leave that in the hands and hearts where it belongs.

However, I can say that the character of Mary Richards, which Ms. Moore played beautifully, thoughtfully, and with such openness and even vulnerability, on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, was a woman I admired and was inspired by.

I cannot say I have ever been a faithful viewer of any show, and never missed an episode; but this was a show that I truly loved. At the time it began, I was a girl living in a world defined by religion, culture, and tradition – like most of us, I know; but this show quite literally presented me with a wonderful world of options and possibilities that did not necessarily lead to the same conclusions which Doris Day movies offered, an actress I also love.

The character was smart and funny, and showed growth and change through her life experiences. She was not necessarily glamorous and larger than life, which is why she and her world felt accessible and left the impression that I could maybe live life on my terms and throw my hat in the air if I so chose.

Whoever else she was and whatever else she did, outside of playing Mary Richards matters; but had she done nothing else, she still would have made a life changing contribution to the world. I know that I was not the only 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 year old girl who looked at Mary Richards, living alone in her apartment, without a husband or children to define her, spending quality time with her friends and working a job she loved and fought to be promoted in and to be taken serious at, and thought okay maybe all the rules are not written in stone – thank you Ms. Richards and Ms. Moore.

Yes, I can still sing the theme song to the show! That Is All For Now

“Having a dream is what keeps you alive. Overcoming the challenges makes life worth living.”

~ Mary Tyler Moore ~

I was just lamenting, as I looked at the picture, that I do not have a picture of myself with this sculpture; when I looked at another view, and there I am!  My reflection was capture in the window, long black coat, of course, and camera at my eye — not bad.

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