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You’ve Got Mail

The 91st Street Garden



At Riverside Park

New York, New York


Let me start by confessing that despite more than a bit of grief from all of the tech people, in my life, I still use AOL, though its latest version may be the beginning of the end of our relationship. However, if and when it comes, it will not be an easy break-up, but my fondness for this movie is more about Nora Ephron created than the tag line: “You’ve got mail!”

I know, in the movie, the lead characters from You’ve Got Mail meet in Riverside Park in the spring, when the garden is in bloom; but for me, this is an autumn movie and a great way to kick off the start of my holiday season.

When I went in search of the garden where Shopgirl (Kathleen Kelly) and NY152 (Joe Fox) meet, at the end of the film, I went in the fall. Thus I do not offer you the view from the movie, but rather a look at this lovely garden, as it is preparing for a long winters nap.



Such subtle splashes of color


When I arrived, at the park, I was on a very tight schedule, as Kate was circling the area, looking for parking that would never be found.  Often we pull over so I can run and take a picture of something or the other, usually, I can see what I want to photograph; that was not the case in this stop.  As I walked into the park, surrounded by beautiful trees, without a slew of signs that read this way to the place that Kathleen and Joe meet (though there is ample signage to direct you through the park), I encountered multiple paths and wished I could simply stroll through the park, which is most pleasant and dotted with sights worth seeing.



In the movie, the path is as important as almost anything else in the park — other than the lead characters.



The path leads them to each other —



and what is yet to come!



Daisy’s her favorite flower!


The Hudson River – I could not help myself, when I saw the two yachts – father and son’s?

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