A Eulogy



Will there ever be justice
That is all I prayed for
I wanted justice
It feels as if I am choking
On my words
I am not speechless
My problem is quite the opposite
I have too many words
But they all say the same thing
How is this possible

I step away
And try to clear my head
But the facts scream out
Your death has not changed a thing
You tortured her
The things you did to this child
Could only have been birthed in hell
And with intent

You adopted her
Thinking she would be cheap labor
But your evil desires
Were for more than a mere slave
In the house
And yard
And for the pool
You demanded more
Blow by blow

You said she would come crawling back
On her hands and knees
Though even then you would not welcome her home
But she did not come crawling back
She walked away
Then began to run
And finally fly
Soaring above your filth and degradation

Never mind you said
She always does the right thing
She is soft
She is easy to manipulate
You knew you could force her
To give you what you wanted
Regardless of the cost to her
You relish your lies
And wicked deeds

You won
She did the right thing
You worshiped only two things
In life and death
All that was carnal
And money
When you could not have one
You took the other
She gave you the other
Thinking she was doing the right thing
You won

There will be no justice
You proudly write
That you intentionally make no provisions for her
So be it
But somehow
I always knew
That I would have the final word
So this is your eulogy

Here lays
A clever woman
Whose perversion and hatred
Ruled her life and death
Until the end
That the innocent
Pay for her wicked desires

That seems to cover your story
You were a coward
A liar
And a pervert
Your story is over
But her story is not over

You did succeed
In crushing her
Once again
You were able
To land that blow
While lying lifeless
On your bed
I cannot imagine
The evil incarnate
Which inspired you
But your story is over
And you were not even
The heroin of your own life
Much less anyone else’s

But her story is not over.

~ Cristina Jill Mosqueda ~

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