A View From the Road

Little Free Library

Walking in Boston, Massachusetts, I spotted this “Little Free Library” and it was being used! I love the idea of these kiosks of free books, available for anyone who would like to drop by and pick up something to read or leave something they have already read.

My only complaint with “Little Free Library” is that at their site, you must watch a video in order to find out the history behind the nonprofit organization – of all sites, should this not be one where you can read their story?

Thus, I went on to one of my favorite sites: Wikipedia! I know that the notion of free books did not begin with “Little Free Library”; I think one of the most ubiquitous sites, after a yard sale, is the box of free books, which did not find any tackers. However, the “Little Free Library” that was begin by in Wisconsin, by Todd Bol, as a way to honor is Mother, has taken the notion of free books to a different level. His goal was to establish more libraries than philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who is responsible for 2,150 public libraries, as of 2016, there were 50,000 Little Free Library’s registered at the site.

At their website, you are able to purchase a kiosk, if you too would like to get started sharing books with your own “Little Free Library”; however, the box, secondhand store, hospital, school, and even the public library, are all great ways to share books you have already read, and for some reason are ready to part with – be still my heart – or if you are like me, books you have bought a second or third copy of because it is such a great book you cannot bear to leave it homeless, at a yard sale.




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