A View From the Road

Hey! I am Over Here, Come Take a Look!

detroit 414 - Copy

I wish I could make one of these memorable pieces of Americana, as I do so love road-side attractions, and must absolutely stop, if at all possible, to photograph a giant you name it . . . an orange, an alligator, a doughnut, a muffler man, a hotdog or I am thinking a carhop, from back in the day, when drive-ins ruled the road.

These oversized creatures were once used to advertise whatever establishment they stood in front of, a way to lure the driver in from the road, for a bite to eat or a place to spend the night or to meet whatever need might present itself.

Now so many joyful giants are abandoned and lying in a state of neglect, like this fellow, in northern Ohio, but at least he is still in View.

detroit 410 - Copy (2)

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