A View From the Road

Christmas in Kennebunkport Maine


Watching the people gather across the road, on the bridge, of course raised our curiosity, but did not detour us from our walk. We continued over the bridge to the display which had caught our eye, when we drove into town.  However, we did not tarry and after a few photographs were shot, we made our way back to where the crowd had gathered.  We were well rewarded with quite a View!

At Christmas time, Kennebunkport becomes an enchanting winter wonderland, complete with Santa Clause arriving by boat, accompanied by lobster Elf’s!


Kennebunkport, Maine has been a place of personal pilgrimage for over twenty years; the delightful sea side town exemplifies an idyllic Maine, including a connection with history, a must in New England.

The George Walker Bush family have a compound in the area, which I have been taking guest to see since our first sojourn in Maine; and yes occasionally there is a sighting of one of the family members, like the first President Bush, in his speed boat, with secret service, when he was in the White House, stopping to wave at the on-lookers, which that day included Kate, me, and my Mother.

The first time we participated in Kennebunkport’s Christmas Prelude was when we took Char and Bob to see the famed Lobster Trap tree, at Cape Porpoise. Yes, it may all be a bit silly and perhaps the cynic out there will say commercial, but the events are actually free, open to all, and joyfully drenched in what we want Christmas to be – merry, happy, and bright.


This charming town puts on a lovely Prelude to Christmas, which truly does fill one with the holiday spirit!



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