Quarantine Coffee

I am sure this is already a known coffee, but it is a new creation, in my kitchen.

Often in the past, a mid-day, second cup of coffee has been welcomed; we have now made it a “tradition” of sorts; this is a treat, almost like a dessert.

Initially, we were just splitting, a small pot, three cups, of Cuban coffee; but I decided to add a little extra to my coffee. Much to my surprise, when I offered some to Kate, she found it delicious, as well.

It is a modified Cortadito. I have served it with buttered, toasted, Panettone, and cheese, but equally good alone.


1 small pot of Cuban Coffee, a strong espresso
4 teaspoons of Raw Sugar, but I think white sugar would have the same effect
1 heaping tablespoon of Cinnamon; we happen to be grinding our Cinnamon fresh, because I ran out of my ground Cinnamon
¾ Can of canned Milk, you could use half and half, and much less milk, if you so choose


Pour the milk into a small sauce pan, add sugar and cinnamon, and slowly heat up to just under a boil. Meanwhile, make the coffee, on another burner.

When the coffee is done, add it to the pan with the milk. You want to make sure you stir the milk well to incorporate the coffee, and that the sugar and cinnamon have dissolved.

After it is warmed through, not quite to a boil, serve it hot, and enjoy this great coffee break, because you are home!


You could also top off with whip cream, but it really does not need it. Or add a dash of nutmeg, for an equally delightful experience. I would even add vanilla, except, that as you know I make my own, from a rum base, and I think that might inhibit, our afternoon productivity.

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