Public Square

Key West Memorial to José Martí

José Martí, el Apóstol, the apostle, is considered to be the father of a free Cuba; something not yet achieved, in my humble opinion.

Today, May 20, is one of the days celebrated as the Cuban Independence Day, and thus I offer you a look at this memorial, in a park, in Key West, Florida; visited before the quarantine.

José Martí was killed in battle, riding atop a white horse; he was an intellectual, who was a published poet, journalist, essayist, a man well-traveled, who motivated Cubans in their fight for Independence from Spain, and warned them to be vigilant in their dealings with their powerful northern neighbor.

As a Cuban-American, I know many of you hate that hyphenated identity; I am naturally drawn to memorials to José Martí; who I have heard about since I was a child. My Father would tell me he was akin to the Cuban George Washington, to make me understand how much José Martíes contributions mattered, and that I needed to include his writings on my reading list; which of course I did!

Never-the-less, I am still surprised when I see his bust in Central Park, in New York City, or run into this lovely park memorial, when out looking for a Nine-Eleven Memorial, which I shall share with you at another time.

Happy Independence Day Cuba; may that moment come sooner than later.


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