Chili Cheese Fritos!

Robbie 004 - Copy

When I was in high school, in Delano, California, a new little eatery opened on Main Street.  Our sophomore year, Sarah got her driver’s license, and we would occasionally leave school for lunch, and head to Main Street.  This is a silly little recipe, but it really is quite good.  The restaurant would take a small, paper bowl, like you would make an ice-cream sundae in, and place one small bag of crushed Fritos, on the bottom; they would then add a ladle of chili and top off with shredded sharp cheese.  I still make this for lunch, on a day when I either want to feel like I went out for lunch or am looking for a way to justify eating Fritos!  I use my own chili recipe.  It is crunchy, and gooey and good.

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