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I Really Do Get It

A little less than a year ago, I was hopeful and looking forward to this year’s election; today I am terrified and so wishing I had been able to inspire other’s to approach this election with, at the very least, a clearer head.

Soon the results of Super Tuesday will become known, and I imagine we shall see a further winnowing, of those seeking, our nation’s highest office. With whom shall we be left?

When I first began to toy, with what I would write about, this month, I was completely aghast with Bernie Sanders candidacy and the victories, which have come his way. I had planned to share several antidotes, about the mostly young people, whom I have met, that intend to vote for Mr. Sanders, and use these paragraphs to speak of the evil and failure of socialism and communism, to a generation fortunate enough to not have grown up with stories about Gulags, the Iron Curtain, or the reality of the call paredón.  But it seems that perhaps Mr. Sanders’s allure may be waning, as his words are more fully exposed.

Thus, given that I am still a Republican, logically it would seem that I should turn my attention to Mrs. Clinton, whose activities, if carried out by anyone else, concerning national security, would have landed them in a criminal court; yet despite how much personal outrage I feel over the American blood needlessly shed in Benghazi, or the adamant declarations, by multiple people who work with and in computer security, specifically with the government, who unequivocally have stated that Mrs. Clinton’s handling of data is grounds for imprisonment, she too is not my top concern, though she may well secure her party’s nomination by day’s end.

Instead, I am aghast at what was once The Party of Lincoln; and truly trying to understand how the Republican Party, which had the very fine, capable, ability to put forth a nice, competent ticket of say Bush-Rubio, is now on the precipice of Trump, with anyone, but likely Christy, who shook my hand, and spent several minutes speaking with me, where I asked him to please silence Mr. Trump, and he assured me that was exactly what he was trying to do. I do not think endorsing Mr. Trump will silence him Mr. Christy.

Last week, I spoke with several people, as they were waiting in a very long line, to caucus. Being a political junky, on the verge now of being a former political junky, I was excited to bear witness to democracy.  People were happy and eager to cast their votes, and very willing to proudly declare who they were voting for, with the exception of one woman, who voted for Mr. Rubio, everyone else supported Mr. Trump.

Repeatedly, the voters were angry at the Republican Party’s lack of action, the current administrations actions, and everyone they perceived, as being against any idea they held dear.

I must say, my most amused moment, of the night, was when a man looked me over, and accusingly said: Don’t you want a woman in the White House? I responded: Not that one.  I then cleverly added that he should not be confused by my heels, stating that I have my permit to carry.  I could not help myself; momentarily he was a bit lost; but I am entirely certain he went in and cast his vote for Mr. Trump.

Months ago, when talk of Mr. Trump entering the race began, I was dismissive and annoyed that so much air time was given to a person who, I was certain would not be a candidate. When he declared his candidacy, I was still dismissive and annoyed that so much air time was being given to a person, who no voter would take seriously. Then Mr. Trump began to win, and people who I know and respect began to, first privately, and then publically, proclaim their support for him – needless to say I can no longer be dismissive and annoyance has been replaced by fear.

Perhaps Mr. Trump really is this tough, strong, and fearless man who will fight for America, perhaps he really is a bully on the right-side, who will counter the present bully, on the left-side, perhaps he is a man who will get action where the Congress has failed, perhaps it does not matter that he has no experience in government, perhaps his lack of ability to express knowledge or understanding of history, policy, or law will be covered by his hiring or appointing his own collection of the best and the brightest, perhaps he really will not follow through with all of the terrifying promises he has made, on the campaign trail, just like most politicians, but what if this man whose children are apparently all outstanding, is actually serious about the things he is saying or even worse, his lack of knowledge and understanding makes him vulnerable to being manipulated by someone who sees him as a buffoon who can easily be controlled with a few flattering words?

I understand that the American voters are angry and tired of being ignored. I also understand the real and perceived grievances, which I believe have given rise to Mr. Trump’s popularity; just as I understand why college students would like to study for free, and the thought of free health care sounds so very appealing; the problem however, is that nothing is ever actually free – Fidel Castro gave Cuban students a free education, of course the government picked the school, the course of study, and which field those students would cut sugar cane in, to pay for their free education, just like he gave Cuban’s free health care with the caveat that the government would be who decided what and when a medical procedure should be performed, while the patient needs to bring their own thread, to the hospital, if they needed stiches, and take their chance on being chosen to receive simple medications, which everyone should have access to.  How much longer, might my Grandfather have lived, if he had been a party member?

Americans want someone to take on all of the big bad wolves, I really do understand. I hate that America has been targeted for the very freedom, I am now exercising – our enemies want to silence us, they want to destroy us, and we do not feel like our government is fighting for us – I do not want my President bowing to any king or apologizing for our history!  I am proud to be an American and proud of a rich legacy, which I feel my duty to protect.

I do not know Mr. Trump, and I do not know his heart; but I do know that I am not going to let the government go door to door, checking our paperwork, and hauling us off in trucks and trains to be incarcerated or deported; at least not without a fight.

We have choices; Mr. Trump is not our only hope for change. The exchanges of late, regarding foolish personal attacks, have been disheartening – please let us not stoop to the level which the media desires, in order to raise their ratings – the election, of our President, is not entertainment.  There are no perfect people, thus we have no perfect candidate; so ask yourself, where can you compromise?   What are you willing to give up for that wall?  Is there any better way to deal with illegal immigration and all of the other pressing issues?  How does our country go forward, United, if we are unwilling to find a middle ground?  I absolutely detest our current Presidents use of executive power to advance his agenda, because of his lack of ability to lead.  He promised to heal the divide, to unite Washington, and to work with both parties – a complete failure; but do we really want to elect a man who now promises he will further that divide, extending it to our allies?

Recently, I thought about one of my Mother’s many favorite sayings: You can get use to anything, even the hang rope, if you hang long enough.

I understand my fellow Republicans; we are tired of being bullied, but let us model the correct behavior and put an end to the bullying! I believe there is room, on the playground, for all of us, even if we do not all want to play the same game, at the same time.  Let us not “stick it” to the other side; instead let us vote for the person who can best lead America through what are inarguably arduous times.  That is all for now.

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