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It is impossible to not have a love hate relationship with bougainvillea; the plant is stunning, but its beauty comes with a thorny price tag.



The first time I truly became aware of bougainvillea was when Lia took me to visit a monastery in Greece. The building was pristine, start white, but the walls were covered with a perfectly well cared for and manicured fuchsia bougainvillea that was somehow trellised to the roof.



Yes, I know exactly how bad it is to have plants clinging to the house, digging in their roots and feelers to the stucco or cement, but the magnificent view created seems to make the maintenance well worth it; at least for me!



As we contemplate saying good-bye to our house in Florida, with my dramatic bougainvillea, I do wonder if I will ever care for another, of these fast growing, bloom producing (yes, it is the little tiny white flower, and not the brightly colored bract’s that we love.) thorny plants, do have a bit of a bite.


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