Perfect Post Cards

Food and Travel Together



I love regional food, something that there is very little left of, in our country, because of our glorious mobility; nevertheless, there are still a few foods that we associate with particular places.



A while back, I was getting ready to make a trip to Ohio; I asked my sister if she like buckeyes, as that is something I usually pick-up when I am in the state. She answered that she did not know what they were, I explained them to her, and she said she had never eaten one. I was shocked and asked how that could be; she said it was my Mother’s fault, for not having introduced my sister to the confection. Of course, that answer did not cut much weight with me, because if my Mother did give my sister any buckeyes, then she would not have given them to me either.



Obviously, I love this type of post cards. Often not only do they capture the location one is traveling to, but allow you to send / bring home a souvenir that says I was thinking of you and this is something you should try to make and here is a recipe.



I think these post cards capture a piece of Americana that may not always be with us, so meanwhile – make a few buckeyes!


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