In Nature

A Place of Peace

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting in our friend’s garden, while I waited for everyone to finish their pesky obligations, which were in the way of celebrating a birthday. As I sat there, reading, I could not help but marvel at the beautiful space they had created and all of the wonderful plants that included an amazing gardenia bush, a Jasmin tree, orchids, fruit trees, herbs, and ornamentals.  I thought back to the way the garden looked when they first bought their home, admired the shed they had recently constructed, and felt so very blessed by the tranquility this beautiful space offered.

As spring begins to make her way to us, I thought I would share with you my most favorite place to enjoy outdoors, and urge you – regardless of the environment you live in, to make your own little place where you can be in nature and renew your soul.

Of the various garden areas, under my care, there is no place I love more than my little shade garden; originally I designed it to house my orchids, which require a good deal of shade, something that was in short supply in Florida. These days, it is much more a tranquil home to bromeliads than it is to orchids, but it is still my favorite place to play in the dirt, as my Mother would say.

It is here that I have my potting table, and where I go to re-pot and re-think when and where a plant should live, Joan’s table also lives in this garden space and it is where we eat lunch, as often as we can, and where I receive guest, when I am outdoors – be they people or animals; but it is also where I go to simply sit and be in nature.

Look around you and see where you might be able to put a chair, mine, as you can see it filled with plants, at the moment, do not follow my example, rather this advice – keep yours cleared off, so you can go out there and admired nature.

Whether you are able to put plants into the ground or need to keep them in pots, add something to your world that will flower, then something fragrant like an herb, and as you go, perhaps something that you can watch progressing through various stages of growth, like vegetables or a fruit tree.

Also, do not forget a little touch of whimsy here and there! Your efforts will reward you with peace.

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