In the Garden

Toward the End of the Season




Driving by Route 1, I spied this beautiful pumpkin, and had to pull over! I went into the charming establishment, 2 River Road Inn and Cottages, and asked if I could photograph their garden, a very kind clerk, notified the proprietor, who gave his permission, much to my delight.




Commenting to the clerk, how pleasant the gardens were, she repeatedly told me that I would have to return during the summer, in order to fully appreciate the beauty at its peak – perhaps, but I must say I was not disappointed by what I saw – I think you too will enjoy strolling through this garden!




Of course, as autumn is upon us, it is all about the pumpkins, which are indeed striking!




However, this little bit of paradise invites you to take a stroll through its stunning landscape.




I cannot remember when I have seen so many Dahlia’s; one more gorgeous than the next.




Is not this the most beautiful of views?




I love the trees filled with bird feeders.




A perfect small meadow, with an inviting birdbath that I am sure is a most desirable accommodation during the hot summer months.



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