Perfect Post Cards – Picture and a Thousand Words

Mt. Watzmann, Berchtesgaden, Germany


08-16-2016 12;20;11AM


I still love receiving postcards, and will display them on the refrigerator for a good long while, before they get filed away; however, sending postcards is something I seem to do less of with the advent of social media and frankly the pages of That Is All For Now, but I still buy the cards, and have those moments, when I wonder exactly what to say, as I am not always sure that “Wish you were here!” or “Having a wonderful time!” are really messages Fran would care to read.


08-16-2016 12;20;11AM2

A salutation which I cannot read, followed by:

“Here is a card from me.



It is the above inscription, on this black and white postcard, with its four cent stamp, post marked Army-Air force Postage, May 16, 1955, and addressed to Evelyn Brear, which I find endearing enough to share with you.

I cannot help but feel that George was somehow obliged to write Evelyn, and either had no idea what to say or perhaps sent her a coded message, which only the two of them understood. What do you think?

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